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Best Mattress Protectors From Red Nomad

Best Mattress Protectors From Red Nomad

A mattress protector is a must-have for anyone with a mattress. We all know mattresses tend to be pricey and it is in your best interest to keep it clean and protected to make it last for a long time. There are tons of mattress protectors that you can try out. These are basically fabrics that wrap around your mattress. It lies underneath your sheets and about the mattress. If you are on the lookout for a good mattress protector, take a look at our top picks for you below.


Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector Breathable

Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort

Mattress Protectors

 The Best Mattress Protectors by Red Nomad

This mattress cover is guaranteed to protect your mattress from various spillages. You never know when an accident will occur. You might accidentally spill the wine you are drinking as a nightcap and then permanently stain your mattress forever. This bamboo hypoallergenic mattress protector is the perfect solution for that. It provides a barrier that will keep your mattress safe.

This hypoallergenic feature is perfect for individuals with sensitivities. This has very low chances of triggering allergic reactions so that you can sleep comfortably through the night. Another special feature is the presence of the cool cycle technology that makes it breathable and comfortable to sleep in. This cool cycle technology allows proper air circulation so that you won’t sweat and your body won’t overheat while you sleep. 

This is the best option for you if you are prone to sensitivities. It also prevents the accumulation of dust, dust mites, and many other allergens in your mattress so that you can sleep comfortably without any allergic reactions. Another bonus feature is the fact that this is primarily made of bamboo fibers so everything is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

Red Nomad Waterproof Zippered Encasement by Medical Grade

Bed Bug Proof & Allergy Reduction Mattress Protector

Mattress Protectors

If you are looking for a powerful mattress protector, then this is the one for you. This mattress protector provides superior protection. This is great if you need to keep your mattress in top shape so as to protect the mattress warranty from becoming void.

This mattress cover is waterproof so it can withstand a few fluids, from your little one accidentally going in your bed or a bit of your morning coffee while you are having breakfast in bed. Another cool feature is the fact that this is made of medical-grade materials. Everything about this product is designed to prevent allergic reactions by being hypoallergenic and preventing the accumulation of dust and dust mites.

Red Nomad Crib Pad Mattress Protector -

Ultra Soft Bamboo Fabric Waterproof Hypoallergenic Cover

Mattress Protectors

Babies are naturally sensitive to a lot of things so they deserve a mattress protector of their own. This particular cover is specifically designed for babies because it covers the base of the crib.

This rustle-free cover is perfect for babies who get easily distracted by noise. It can be challenging to put them down for the night yet so easy to wake them up with the slightest noise. This cover is completely silent so no matter how much your baby tosses and turns throughout the night, he won’t be roused by the sound. 

There are so many fluids emitted by infants. They could accidentally pee in the bed or drool in their sleep. These fluids can permanently stain the baby’s mattress and they are so difficult to wash out so they may also lead to unpleasant odors. A simple solution to this is a mattress protector. This particular protector is designed to perfectly fit most cribs. The fabric is extremely absorbent so the fluids won’t seep through the mattress.

As aforementioned, it can be challenging to put your baby in deep sleep since they are sensitive to their surroundings. A normal mattress may make them feel warm and uncomfortable, which then causes them to sweat and wake up in the middle of the night. That won’t be a problem with this protector as it promotes good air circulation in order to keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned are the top picks for mattress covers in the market, each one with special features to cater to your specific needs. You get a general mattress cover, a superior mattress cover, and one for babies. They will surely do the job of keeping your mattress clean and making it last longer.

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