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FAQs About Mattress Toppers

FAQs About Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are recent additions to the world of better sleep quality. These are bed accessories, usually made of memory foam gel, that is placed on top of actual mattresses. They serve numerous functions like making your mattress softer or firmer depending on what type of mattress topper you got, protecting the mattress from stains or dirt, and generally to improve your sleep quality.

If you recently got one or you’re thinking about getting one, read this article on the different frequently asked questions (FAQs) about mattress toppers in order to expand your knowledge base and familiarity.

Does a mattress topper really help in improving your sleep quality?

The answer is yes. So many users report a significant improvement in their sleep after using a mattress topper. Some of its benefits include:

  • Combats sleeping conditions. Some of the most common sleeping conditions include anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These can be alleviated if you have a comfortable sleeping area as that releases happy hormones to help combat stress and make you sleep better.

  • Body pains and aches. Body discomfort arises when there is an uncomfortable pressure point between your body and the surface you are sleeping on. Body pain is more common among tough mattresses so one easy fix is to make the surface softer, which can easily be achieved by a mattress topper.

  • Cleaner mattress. A clean mattress is automatically equivalent to better sleep quality. It is definitely easier to fall asleep when you know for a fact that the surface you are sleeping on is absolutely clean. This holds true for people with seasonal allergies and certain sensitivities to dirt in their beds. The mattress topper prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt, and even dead skin cells. These are the leading causes of allergic reactions which may disrupt your sleep.

What is the thickness of the mattress topper that I should get?

The recommended thickness of the mattress topper that you should get is anywhere between 5cm to 7.5cm. This can significantly improve the softness of your mattress and provide you with restful slumber. 


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