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Red Nomad Mattress Bag Review

Red Nomad Mattress Bag Review

Looking for the best mattress bag on the market? Your search ends here because the Red Nomad Mattress Bag is one of the best options there is. Your mattress deserves more protection than you realize. You spend about a thousand dollars for one so it is reasonable to keep it safe as much as possible, especially if you’re placing your mattress for storage or for transport. Read the article below to know more about this product.


What Do You Get?


Red Nomad mattress bag is essentially a bag for your mattresses. You get two pieces per pack that you purchase. Each bag is made of durable and recyclable polyethylene. These bags are for wrapping around your mattress. You can use it if you need to store your mattress away in a storage unit for a while. This is also useful when you need to move your mattress from one place to another. It will keep your mattress clean and that is important because a mattress is a pricey investment. It is also off-putting to sleep in a bed with multiple stains on it. Now you can rest easy as the movers pack your mattress into a U-Haul truck with your dusty boxes, dirty furniture, and many more.


Superior Protection


Did you know that these bags are rip-proof? They are tear-resistant so you can expect them to withstand a few piercings or scratches. This is useful if you are packing your mattress with a number of other furniture in a moving van. The sharp edges on your desk or any other piece of furniture can accidentally pierce through your mattress and make the filling come out. This durable plastic layer prevents that from happening because its thickness is hard to penetrate. This plastic is also great if you are storing your mattress away in a storage unit. Mice and other insects won’t be able to bite through it so your mattress will not accidentally become a home for pests. 


The sturdy material provides a waterproof barrier that will protect your mattress from fluids. These fluids can range from dirty water to random drinks. Once they have seeped through your mattress, it is so challenging to get them out. The stains can also be a nuisance to get rid of. This bag prevents all those issues for your mattress.



Easy To Use


These bags come in various sizes so that you can fit them over your mattress, regardless of its size. These bags can accommodate all sizes, from single beds to king-size mattresses. It is also very easy to use -- you literally just place it over your mattress and then you are good to go. There is a single opening through which you can place your mattress. The said opening is also easy to seal once the entire mattress is in the bag. 


Versatile Covers


Did you know that you can use these bags for more than just protecting your mattress? It is versatile enough to protect other things, like your patio furniture that may be constantly exposed to outdoor elements. You can also use this to cover any other piece of furniture that needs extra protection, like your couch or chairs with soft and foamy seats. The bags measure ninety-four by ninety-six inches so it is definitely large enough to accommodate a wide range of furniture.


These mattress bags are worthy purchases because they will always be in your best interest to keep your mattress as new as possible. It is also great if you need to keep your mattress in perfect condition so as to preserve a preexisting warranty. 


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