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Why Should You Get A Mattress Protector?

Why Should You Get A Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is a must-have when you have recently purchased a mattress.

Mattresses tend to cost a lot of money and it is in your best interest to make them last for as long as possible.

A mattress protector does the trick by doing exactly what its name implies - by protecting your mattress. For a deeper discussion of the benefits of getting one, read the article below.


What Is It, Exactly?


A mattress protector is basically a protective layer that sits on top of your mattress. It is located below the sheets. The fitted sheet covers the entire mattress to protect against numerous things, from liquids to dust particles. Protectors are usually made of fabrics like polyester, cotton, and many more. The fabric is usually water-resistant to some degree so that your foam remains spanking clean. This protector will help preserve your mattress and make it last for a very long time. It ensures that your bed stays clean, unsoiled, and fresh.


Keeps Your Mattress Clean

Your mattress is exposed to a number of things that can stain it or make it dirty. You might accidentally spill your coffee while you are having breakfast in bed. You could also stain the wine you are drinking as you are relaxing for the night. These liquids are very challenging to remove especially when they have soaked into your mattress. They can penetrate the foam and leave permanent marks that you cannot get rid of.

This is when a mattress protector comes in. A mattress protector is very easy to clean so it can handle any spillage that comes your way. All you need to do is to throw this in the washer and then you are good to go. This layer of protection is highly recommended to ensure your mattress stays stain-free.

Mattress Protector

Protection From Allergens

There are many different causes of allergic reactions. Dust mite allergy is one of the most common allergic reactions. It is caused by tiny bugs that can reside in your bed. You may also experience allergic reactions from accumulated dust particles in your mattress. If you have pets, their shedding fur can also set deep into your bed and cause you problems with breathing.

Your bed can be safe from the aforementioned allergens by using a mattress protector. The protective layer will prevent the accumulation of particles in your mattress to ensure that you won’t have any allergic reactions. 

Protect Your Mattress Warranty

Mattresses are often pricey. That same price tag is the reason why they often come with a warranty. You can get them exchanged if there is an issue. The problem with mattress warranties is that they become void once your mattress gets stained or gets damaged in an irreversible manner. A mattress protector will secure your mattress so that you can protect your warranty.

Mattress Protector

Keeps Your Mattress In Top Condition

Mattresses normally get worn out easily. It carries the weight of our bodies for hours on end. It can also make contact with different bodily excretions like sweat, saliva, perspiration, and many more. All of these little things can add up and ultimately make your mattress age faster, which means that you will need to replace it sooner than you expected. These fluids can also compromise the structural integrity of your mattress. For instance, the constant exposure to moisture and fluids can make your mattress lose some of its firmness at a rapid rate. A simple mattress sheet can delay this.


Final Thoughts

The quality of your sleep is very important. Your sleeping time should be uninterrupted so that your body can rest and get you ready for the next day. You can achieve a deep and good quality of sleep by having a clean mattress that is protected by a mattress protector. 


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